West Side Academy High School

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4701 McKinley Street, Detroit, MI 48208
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+1 313-596-4939


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  • Jowanna Williams
    Dec, 01 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    If I had to rate this school on a A + through F - skill level, they will receive a Z -. Starting at the front door you are met with unprofessional laks on the job sexual harassing security guards. Moving to the main office, you unprofessional office staff that's always on the phone and takes longer than the appropriate time to acknowledge a parent in the office. Not to to mention that they're students that are under the influence lingering around in the office mingling with the office staff, and they are aware that these individuals are high. Then there's the principal a high and mighty middle class snob that's disrespectful to the students and parents. The counselors are extremely unprofessional and lack the ability to do their jobs, always inform the students to come back at a later time, and when that later time approaches the staff is preparing to leave. Then you have the teachers, that are unprofessionally kept. They come to school with their hair matted and all over the place. They allow the students to wear headphones during learning sessions, while they're on their phones texting or lollygagging with other students about the sexual appearance of the young women of the school. Then you have the irate students that are roaming amongst the hallway on their phones in the office space as well as the classrooms. Sexually harassing one another or ready to fight. This is a sad excuse for a school and with this being a last resort for many childrenthis school shouldn't be it.
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West Side Academy High School

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